Ellen Johnson


Form & Formless Released TODAY!

FORM & formless



Ellen Johnson, vocals & percussion

Larry Koonse, guitar

John Stowell, guitar

Nolan Shaheed, guest trumpet 

“Many musicians touch the heart or the mind or the soul, some reach out to more than one of these, only a few appeal to all. With her new album, Ellen Johnson is clearly one of these select few.”- Bruce Crowther, Jazz historian and author of Singing Jazz.

"Get a load of Ellen Johnson’s latest album, Form and Formless. She does a series of rich duets with guitarists Larry Koonse and John Stowell, mixing clever and personal takes of material such as “Naima” and “Nature Boy,” but also does some rich and rewarding free from work that is bluesy, melodious and swingingly arty. This disc will renew your faith in jazz vocals once again." - George Harris, Jazz Weekly


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