Ellen Johnson

Vocal Builders (The Foundation) - Ear Training for Singers - Step 1

Vocal Builders provides 22 instructional tracks of basic ear training to help vocalists become better musicians so that they can sing better, feel more confident and expand their skills. Each workout step helps to build vocal technique along with harmonic strength and identification.

The steps are divided into structures similar to building a house.
• Step I -(The Foundation)
• Includes major, dorian and mixolydian scales; major, minor, diminished and augmented triads; major 7, dominant 7 and minor 7 chords

Each track has a specific scale, triad or chord to focus on with a particular vowel or vocal exercise sound. As you practice the ear training exercise maintain the vowel sound, breath support, and connection to help strengthen your technique. All exercises have a brief sung example and then you will sing along with either the piano or another instrument. All are given in female ranges but can be sung down an octave for males.

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