From the recording FORM & formless

I never imagined that one day Sonny Rollins would hear my original lyrics and approve them to be published, certainly a highlight of my musical career. I was compelled to write these lyrics expressing what I pictured, the joy of the island and its people. Besides a vocal imitation of the cuíca, everyone’s favorite part is when I make the seagull sounds when I sing the lyric “along with the serenade of gulls out at sea.” Larry Koonse steals the moment by providing an entire rhythm section with his stunning solo. 


Sonny’s Isle of St. Thomas (aka St. Thomas)
St. Thomas the place to help you sing our your song
The place with the morning sun that shines all day long
Shedding light
Feeling right
For a while on St. Thomas Isle
Along with the serenade of gulls out at sea
The music around us nature’s own symphony
Plays in time
Feels just fine
Brings a smile to St. Thomas Isle.
© 1976 Ellen Johnson (Long Snows Moon Music, BMI)