ELLEN JOHNSON - Sound Creativity (Educator & Facilitator)

Ellen has been passionate about the research on sound healing, science, and medicine for over 40 years, long before it became eminent. She has done her own research along with studying with groundbreaking prominent educators and researchers such as; Elias Mohan (William David), Fabien Mamam, Jonathan Goldman, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Brant Secunda. She recently completed a 7-week training on Sonic Science and Cymatics with John Stuart Reid, and completed Integral Studies in Music Therapy at the University of Humanistic Studies, with certificates in Expressive Arts Therapy (1998) with Jane Goldberg and Creativity Coaching training with Eric Maisel. Ellen has taught a variety of workshops on, "Sound Creativity," "Music That Heals and Inspires," and “Using Vocal Improvisation To Encourage Creativity.” 

Ellen’s devotion to the arts spans over three decades in a variety of genres as a professional recording artist, songwriter, lyricist, author, and educator. Through her own company, Vocal Visions, Ellen produced music recordings and music instructional products. She is the author of the biography Jazz Child: Portrait of Sheila Jordan nominated for the Jazz Journalists Association 2015 best book award. Ellen holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance and has completed UCLA Extension courses in the Music Business Certificate Program. Johnson has served on the faculties of the University of San Diego, Old Globe Theatre’s MFA program, California Polytechnic University Pomona, the California Jazz Conservatory, and continues to give master classes, workshops and private training.