My music is streaming Free on most platforms but I would appreciate if you could find me on my YouTube Channel.


I'm adding new and original music in a variety of genres especially jazz and ambient recordings. 

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All recordings available on YouTube through these direct links or go to my YouTube channel link above:


FORM & FORMLESS:  featuring Larry Koonse (guitar), John Stowell (guitar), and Nolan Shaheed (trumpet)


THESE DAYS:   featuring Darek Oles (bass), Larry Koonse (guitar(, Roy McCurdy (drums), Ana Gazzola (percussion) and Special Guest Sheila Jordan, vocals


CHINCHILLA SERENADE: featuring Rick Helzer (piano), Peter Sprague (guitar), Rob Thorsen (bass), Richard Sellars (drums), Bob Magnusson (bass), Gunnar Biggs (bass), John Leftwitch (electric bass), Tommy Aros (percussion), Mark Lamson (drums & percussion), Danny Campbell (drums), Bill Yeager (trombone), John Reckivics (clarinet), Gary Pack (trumpet), Ian Oakley (organ synthesizer), Duncan Moore (drums) 


TOO GOOD TO TITLE: featuring Charles McPherson (alto sax), Rick Helzer (piano), Rob Thorsen (bass), Charlie Chadwick (bass), Tim McMahon (drums), Bob Weller (drums), Bob Willey (synthesizer), Mark Lamson (percussion)