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"When it comes to shaping wordless gems, Johnson packs as imaginative a wallop as the mighty McFerrin." - JAZZTIMES, Christopher Louden


Ellen Johnson, vocals

Larry Koonse, guitar

John Stowell, guitar

Nolan Shaheed, trumpet

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These Days

Featuring Sheila Jordan & Darek Oles

A soulful jazz journey using primarily bass and voice duets dedicated to bebop legendary vocalist, Sheila Jordan. 

Also Featuring: Larry Koonse, Roy McCurdy and Ana Gazzola


“Ellen Johnson's These Days is one of the best albums to be heard from a no-nonsense jazz singer in the past year; she and her recording are worthy of serious consideration for placement in the 2007 DownBeat Critics Poll.” - Downbeat/Frank-John Hadley  

"Johnson has released a challenging, sophisticated and successful album that raises the standard of modern jazz singing by at least one notch.  While other singers are rehashing the great American songbook, Johnson is putting it through the meat grinder and creating a whole new menu.” - All About Jazz/George Harris 

"Jazz singer Ellen Johnson unfortunately is not the household word she should be.... duets with (bassist) Darek Oles will remind jazz vocal aficionados of the Sheila Jordan-Harvie Swartz collaborations." - All About Jazz, Michael P. Gladstone

Chinchilla Serenade


Rick Helzer, Rob Thorsen, Gunnar BIggs, Peter Sprague, Tomy Aros, Bob Magnusson, Gary Pack, John Reckivics, Duncan Moore, Richard Sellars, Mark Lamson, John Leftwich, Danny Campbell, Bill Yeager, Ian Oakley. 

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This is the follow up to Ellen's first CD "Too Good To Title" and features a variety of songs including unique versions of standards and exciting Brazilian rhythms mixed with inspiring gospel settings and original compositions. There is an exhilarating wordless harmony with guitarist Peter Sprague on "Samba Ulla" , a vivid bass and voice interaction on "You Turned the Tables on Me" and a seamless version of "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper reminisent of the Miles Davis interpretation.


Too Good To Title



Charles McPherson

Rick Helzer, Rob Thorsen, Charlie Chadwick, Tim McMahon, Bob Weller, and Mark Lamson.

Ellen's debut CD  that mixes together off the beaten path standards and originals in a fresh way. The CD features the great alto saxophonist, Charles McPherson on the Mingus composition "Peggy's Blue Skylight" with lyrics by Johnson. This acoustic jazz collaboration of piano, bass, drums, percussion and occasional synthesizer treatment is the perfect complement to Ellen's impressive 3 1/2 octave range.

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From A Mother's Heart


Featuring a roster of artists that includes

NEA Jazz Master Sheila Jordan along with Don Braden, Anne Belmont. Brasil Brazil (Ana Gazzola and Sonia Santos) ,Peggy Duquesnel, Rick Helzer, Ellen Johnson, Mala Waldron, Barbara Sfraga, Judi Silvano, John Stowell, Christopher Dean Sullivan, Michael T.A. Thompson and other featured musicians.


This musical tribute to Mothers and Mother Earth features mostly original compositions written by the artists who perform them and each one is dedicated to their own mother. A great way to celebrate Mother's Day or a gift for your mother.

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Compilation Featuring:

Don Braden, Brasil Brazil (Ana Gazzola & Sonia Santos), Peggy Duquesnel, Dave Ferris, Rick Helzer, James Newton, Ellen Johnson, Sheila Jordan, Daryl Kojak, Laurie Krauz, Lou Lanza, Barbara Sfraga & Center Search Quest, Nolan Shaheed, Judi Silvano, John Stowell, Bill Harrison, and Peter Polzak.

wide range of quality jazz, improvised and world music from hard hitting NY swing, impressionistic contemporary jazz, Brazilian rhythms, sultry vocals, orchestral arrangements, and creative vocalizations with mostly original compositions.

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Cups of the Heart

Music for Meditation and Healing

"Cups of the Heart is no less than a magical journey to the world of the senses-and a means to experience and understand the Tarot. Here is a 45 minute album of 14 songs that transports you on a learning experience, and a means to find peace.  There is so much to say about Cups of the Heart.  First there is the poetry.  Cups of the Heart brings sounds and instrumentation to the voyage.  But what is really outstanding is the crystal-like voice that this reviewer could listen to all day long on the way to healing, love and compassion." - Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews

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Paul Tye (Tydelski) and Emerald Joy (Ellen Johnson)

By using poetry with a landscape of sounds, vocals, and instruments (which include guitars, mandolin, synthesizers, percussion, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks) this recording helps you to experience the symbols and meanings of the Cups suit of the tarot deck in an artistic and meditative way. Fourteen original poems and songs inspired by studies in expressive arts therapy and ancient wisdom.


The Vocal Warm Up - Female High and Low Voice Version

Important for all singers (soloists, bands, choirs, professionals and beginners) to get their voices ready to perform, increase musicianship skills, and develop strength, better vocal production, and a great singing voice. The CD has seventeen vocal exercises designed to give you the maximum warm up for your voice range. The CD's are divided into Male and Female low and high voice versions with an ear training section that follows.

IMPORTANT!!!  If you purchase a download version please email us for a free pdf of the vocal exercises that accompany the CD version.

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