The Comfort of Sound

In times of stress (or joy) we often seek out some form of sound. The soundtrack can be one that brings familiarity as in a song from our childhood or some music that lifts our spirit. The sounds of nature offer the same kind of comfort as in the ocean waves crashing on the shore, bird songs, bees buzzing or other ambient noises. Our lives depend on the vibrations of the world and we respond accordingly to our experiences. 

There are those sounds that tend to be collective that we all experience in a similar way. Nature is a good example. Then there are sounds that provide comfort on an individual basis like the many genres of music. As one person finds comfort in heavy metal another person may find stress and prefer classical music. It doesn't matter what you prefer. 

It's discovering your own special sound sauce that you can find refuge in during times of stress. Explore what those might be and put them in your arsenal of self help as you go through life's challenges. Sound is healing, regenerative, inspirational and comforting.